Redoubt by Mercedes Lackey

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  • Title: Redoubt
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: October 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780756407452


Ebook description:

Life on the Heralds’ Collegium in Haven has undoubtedly improved for Mags. He’s even turn into one thing of a hero since risking his personal life to rescue Amily–daughter of Nikolas, the King’s Own Herald–from Karsite kidnappers. But Mags nonetheless does not know who his mother and father have been, and Bear, Mags’ Trainee buddy, was not one to let him neglect: ” You gotta cope with your previous Mags, you need to. If you do not, it will simply hold coming again to hang-out you, and at some point it will do one thing to you which you can’t get out of. ” Mags started his particular coaching as Nikolas’ undercover companion and future spy for the crown. Disguised, they work at evening in one of many seedier elements of Haven, the place Nikolas had arrange a false id as a pawnbroker and fence. Mags poses as his deaf-mute nephew, covertly watching and listening from behind the desk. He was particularly good on the trait that had saved him alive as a baby laborer within the gem mine–ferreting out hidden motives. Now Mags has graduated to a brand new function: Nikolas’ companion and data dealer. Mags channels his previous crafty self from the mines and discovers that he is fairly good at his new job. So good, in actual fact, that Nikolas decides to let him open the store alone one scorching, summer time evening. Mags has barely unlocked the store when every part goes black in a blinding flash of ache. He wakes with an agonizing headache, sure, blindfolded, in a conveyance of some variety. But worst of all, he is head-blind. No Mindspeech–he cannot even sense Dallen. And if he cannot sense or hear Dallen, then nobody can sense him. And if nobody can sense him, nobody can come to his rescue


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