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  • Title: Romantic Irony
  • Author: Frederick Garber
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Date: January 1988
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9027286167


Ebook description:

This is the primary collaborative worldwide studying of irony as a significant phenomenon in Romantic artwork and thought. The quantity identifies key predecessor moments that excited Romantic authors and the emergence of a distinctly Romantic concept and apply of irony spreading to all literary genres. Not solely the influential pioneer German, British, and French varieties, but additionally manifestations in northern, japanese, and southern elements of Europe in addition to in North America, are thought of. A set of concluding “syntheses” deal with the shaping energy of Romantic irony in narrative modes, music, the effective arts, and theater – improvements that can deeply affect Modernism. Thus the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary strategy elaborated within the twenty chapters of Romantic Irony , as lead quantity within the five-volume Romanticism sequence, establishes a major new vary for comparative literature research in coping with a posh literary motion. SPECIAL OFFER: 30% low cost for an entire set order (5 vols.).The Romanticism sequence within the Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages is the results of a exceptional worldwide collaboration. The editorial group coordinated the efforts of over 100 specialists from more than two dozen international locations to provide 5 independently conceived, but interrelated volumes that present not solely how Romanticism developed and unfold in its principal European homelands and all through the New World, but additionally the methods by which the affected literatures in response to Romanticism have redefined themselves on into Modernism. A look on the index of every quantity shortly reveals the extraordinary richness of the sequence’ complete contents. Romantic Irony units the broader experimental parameters of comparability by concentrating on the myriad expressions of “irony” as one of many main impulses within the Romantic philosophical and inventive revolution, and by combining cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research with particular consideration additionally to literatures in much less extensively subtle language streams. Romantic Drama traces artistic improvements that deeply altered the understanding of genre at massive, fed well-liked creativeness by way of autos just like the opera, and laid the foundations for a modernist theater of the absurd. Romantic Poetry demonstrates deep patterns and a sharing of essential themes of the revolutionary age which underlie the lyrical expression that flourished in so many languages and environments. Nonfictional Romantic Prose assists us in dealing with the huge array of writings from the private and intimate sphere to modes of public discourse, together with Romanticism’s personal self-commentary in theoretical statements on the humanities, society, life, the sciences, and more. Nor are the discursive dimensions of imaginative literature uncared for within the closing quantity, Romantic Prose Fiction , the place the fundamental Romantic themes and story sorts (the romance, novel, novella, quick story, and different narrative kinds) are thought of all through Europe and the New World. This monumental realm is seen not simply by way of Romantic theorizing, however within the mild of the influence of Romantic concepts and narration on later generations. As an support to readers, the introduction to Romantic Prose Fiction explains the relationships among the many volumes within the sequence and carries a list of their tables of contents in an appendix. No different sequence exists comparable to those volumes which deal with everything of Romanticism as a cultural taking place throughout the entire breadth of the “Old” and “New” Worlds and thus render a posh image of European religious strivings within the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, a heritage nonetheless very near our age


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